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I'm a product designer with a focus on furniture, light, industrial and interior design.
After graduating with a Bachelor at Politecnico of Milan, and a Master at the Design School of Kolding,
I started my career working in studios such as Nendo, L'Oreal, Christophe Pillet, and Philippe Starck (with whom I collaborated for 5 years).
Since September 2020, I opened my own studio, based in Paris and Milan.




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Designed with a simple gesture in mind : to ease the cleaning of the floor by stacking the chair on the table.
Obtained with the technique of laminated beech wood, to keep the sections at the minimum while offering strenght.
This revisited version is based on a prototype I made while still a student.
    chair for cafe
    2D bent plywood
  • DATE
    2014 (1st version), 2017 (updated version)