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Giuseppe Formica (born 1989) is a product designer based in Paris and Milan.

In a world saturated of industrial products, his approach aim to answer in an innovative way to functions, ergonomics, materials and production optimization, while delivering a sense of human touch.

After graduating with a Bachelor at Politecnico of Milan (2011), and a Master at the Design School of Kolding (2014),
he started his career working in studios such as Nendo, L'Oreal, Christophe Pillet,
and Philippe Starck (with whom he collaborated from 2015 to 2020).
Since September 2020, he opened his own studio.


EMA table

EMA table

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An idea I always had is to develop a collection of flat packed, easy to assemble metal furniture :
EMA is the first newborn of this idea.
Everything starts with a laser cut sheet leg that is bent in a 3dimensional shape and can adapt to different silhouettes of tabletop.
The edge strip allows the insertion of different tabletop : wood, glass, marble, laminate
    leg for coffee table
    laser cut bent steel / table top in wood, marble, fenix laminate, mirrored glass
    january 2020